Advice on planning your career

Here are a couple of valuable tips for planning your career:

The first tip is, “Do what you like and the money will follow.” If you work at something you like, you will be good at it, and the best people usually rise to the top. Don’t do something just for the money unless you do not have any better options.

Second, don’t be afraid to change career completely. It is becoming increasingly common for a person to have more than one career in a lifetime. Doctors and solicitors tend to stay in the same field of work, but accountants, engineers, computer scientists, and obviously entrepreneurs may change the type of work they do as many as five times in a lifetime.

Third, “When in doubt aim high.” If you are genuinely interested in but undecided between two career options, aim first for the one with the most demanding educational requirements. If you try the hardest first, and decide it’s too tough, or you just don’t like it, at least you will have tried it. It’s easy to move to a field with lower educational requirements. It’s almost impossible to move up once you’ve started.

Fourth, “Without a plan, you are like a ship without a rudder.” Without a career plan you will be blown off course by the slightest breeze. Without a good career plan experienced professionals can stall and stagnate and become targets for downsizing. Without a good career pan college students are likely to change majors, lose credits, drop out, or take too long to graduate. When times get tough, and the classes become hard, self doubt begins to creep in. Having a firm career direction will help keep the student on track during tough times.