Interview preparation advice

Interview Tip 1: Plan Ahead

Do a little homework! Research the company and the position if possible, as well, the people you will meet with at the interview. Review your work experiences. Be ready to support past career accomplishments with specific information targeted toward the companies needs. Have your facts ready!

Interview Tip 2: Role Play

Once you have finished studying, begin role playing (rehearsing). Use the general questions provided below in the Interview Preparation Area. Write down answers if it helps to make your presentation more concise. Try to keep your answers to the information your new employer will want to know.

Interview Tip 3: Eye Contact

Maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Show you want the job with your interest.

Interview Tip 4: Be Positive

In particular, avoid negative comments about past employers.

Interview Tip 5: Adapt

Listen and adapt. Be sensitive to the style of the interviewer. Pay attention to those details of dress, office furniture, and general decor which will afford helpful clues to assist you in tailoring your presentation.

Interview Tip 6: Relate

Try to relate your answers to the interviewer and his or her company. Focus on achievements relevant to the position.

Interview Tip 7: Encourage

Encourage the interviewer to share information about his or her company. Demonstrate your interest.